KRAUS Chemie GmbH

Our Business

Kraus GmbH – Your Partner for Chemical Trading and Distribution

We have been providing high quality products and service to clients in the chemical industry for over 25 years. As an independent family-owned business, we are flexible and readily available to make quick, effective decisions. Our business is split into four parts.

1. Chemical Trading

Through strong long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers, as well as our experience and knowledge in the chemical industry, we provide our customers with the best deals available at the time of inquiry.

We have strong relationships with multiple warehouse directors throughout Germany to provide fast and reliable delivery times throughout Europe.

2. Exclusive Distribution

We are the exclusive distributer for Industrial Solvents & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., based in India.

3. ISO Tank Containers

In order to provide all encompassing service for a wide variety of clients, we are able to ship our products with our own company-owned ISO Tank Containers.

We also offer leases on ISO Tank Containers if clients are interested.

4. Chemical Recycling

We resell stored goods, Off-spec product, chemical surpluss, and insolvent assets.